Links to public projects, current and past.

Plan Métro Interactif

An attempt to recreate the mythical "PILI" online (see here).

Path finding is done in JavaScript in the browser, and fast!


Map of Velib data in real time, plus recent history.

Can it predict the future??


A blogging platform; just like (late) Posterous, only simpler! Send an email to to try it!

Mark It Down

Converts any rich text to Markdown. All conversion is done client-side with the help of Saxon CE -- no round trip to any server.

The Jogging Planner

A tool to find jogging routes of any length from a given starting point, with Google Maps walking directions.

Chrome extensions

HN HideIt: utilities to browse Hacker News; NoTease: hide links to paying articles from the French daily "Libération"; KelEstIl: export your phone numbers in csv from SFR's online billing system.

Mémoires de Saint-Simon

The complete edition of the Memoirs of the Duc de Saint-Simon (in French), in full searchable text.

Tuetey, mémoires et reconnaissances

Archives of the French Ministry of Defence for the XVIII-XIXth centuries.

Le sens des mots

The Littré dictionnary online, in full-text; includes the possibility to search for stemmed forms.