Building indestructible web applications since 1999.
New! Medusis launches Altoclé, the master key for supermarket trolleys!
Nouveau! Medusis lance Altoclé, le passe-partout pour chariot de supermarché!

Search engines

  • document retrieval systems, using Lucene-based libraries such as SOLR or Nutch
  • document transformation pipelines, from RTF or OpenOffice to DocBook, EAD, etc., via XSLT

Mobile apps

  • cross-platform, HTML5-based applications, with local storage for offline operation and intelligent sync
  • decentralized real‑time systems for monitoring and reporting in the field; geolocation

Web apps

  • data control and validation, data monitoring, transformation, serialization
  • ad-hoc solutions including browser extensions & Chrome webapps
  • cloud management (AWS)